Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh Please

So, the latest idiot bullshit report on the big PussDaddyBlogs reports that she's blaming someone else yet again for this little blog jammed with truths. Let me assure you she has it wrong yet again. Keep guessing fat ass, keep guessing. Maybe the person who writes this is the idiot who can't sell a ugly hat to save her life. I do find it amusing that you point fingers at people who write a blog slamming someone when that's all you really do, slam people far more talented than you are, btw. What do you do all day on disability? On our government dollar? This is further proof Americans are nuts. They will not give you the medical treatment you so desperately need but they will pay for you to sit on your fat arse all day long typing nonsense nobody ever reads. We won't even get into the ass you looked like when you were slamming the fairy person. Oh if you could read the emails, you look like a fucking moron, yet again. If you are going to rant about people writing blogs about you perhaps you should come clean with all your fake ass names you use on etsy,on artfire and your completely insane shit you write on twitter. If you read her twitter of a few months ago there is a whole rant about why the dentist is yet to blame for the fact she doesn't pay her bill. Nice. Let's not even get into the people you defame by making fake ass twitter accounts, hiding like some bitch in heat. If you are so sure of what you are so sure of, why hide? The list of those that cant stand you grows every day pammy keep it up, oh wait you were quitting right? like you are going to quit going to the dentist, lol. Maybe you should quit decorating that house of yours is a disaster, only a blind man should have to live there, oh wait, maybe he does. Scumbag.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Ever see boughie and ghetto? It's the new boughetto...and wait this slore thinks this is improvement? To what? The rusted toliet hole you were living in? Check out the before...will you?

Nobody told this crazy bitch she's married to Willis. Check out the wall gathering photos of angels and the crazy silk flower arrangements. Who could live like this? It would make you dizzy from all the ugly patterns. Nate Burkus would have a seizure in this hole. This is where all the drug users and idiots gather for their never ending source of used furniture and free meals, lovely. just lovely. My favorite part of this disaster? Is that two hours after they finish their cat shits on the floor and tears it all up any way. That brother just cannot win. Even her friends call her old and ugly. What a nightmare.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Excuses Excuses

So the idiot cat makes a new name to justify her dental issues AND her hairy chin. All she types about all day is how she's cleaning and cleaning and how much she sweats. I read what she posted about other people's husbands, ask Soap Deli, ask those people on Artfire. Hell she even made fun of a retarded girl. No posts anymore without a name to a blog or a store on etsy or artfire. That way you can't use excuses from your made up personalities.

what other people think of this bitch

This is what her blog says:
“I am not exactly sure what I am going to do yet, whether I am just going to wait to get what I have ordered and then delete my account, or if I am going to stay on and buy. Either way, my buying on Etsy will probably be drastically reduced anyway as I made a lot of my buys in the forum, so I don’t see that it matters much one way or the other. I will talk to my husband and see what he thinks and then decide. It is not like it is any life altering event in my life or anything, but I have to weigh the pros and cons of it all.”

She must have a really trouble free life to have to discuss with a spouse the pros and cons of buying at a site that won’t let her shoot her mouth off.

We’re happy, she was a pain in the ass but there is a whine thread here.

Feel free to discuss. she really asking people to discuss whether or not she etsies? Seriously? And her husband needs to advise her further? too funny. These are the comments after:

JK Says:
May 1, 2009 at 12:47 pm

I think this:

‘urbanwoodswalker says:
I think that they got banned because they had some terrible enemies..which were the ones bashing same person publicly off line so much they HAD to start their own blog just to mentally cope.’

is my favorite so far. Oh yes, the poor, innocent puss, forced by the CruelCruelWorld to trash everyone who so much as looked like they disagreed with her in order to cope.
toonces Says:
May 1, 2009 at 5:35 pm

forum rubbernecker Says:
May 1, 2009 at 8:49 pm

This is one of my best Etsy days EVER. She cooked her own goose by shooting her mouth off on her blog about her purpose of what she does in the forums being to get certain people muted. I don’t get following people around to be mean, but whatever. And what kind of a weird thing is it that she has to discuss it with her husband? Discuss what? How she’s going to occupy her time? How about cooking, cleaning, volunteer work, personal development like quitting smoking, learning how to take care of yourself, maybe taking a class or two? She has every advantage in the world that she doesn’t have to work and can do whatever she wants. Maybe she could work on making herself happy in a way that doesn’t make the rest of us miserable!
Donna Says:
May 2, 2009 at 4:37 am

It doesn’t matter. I’m sure she has sock puppet accounts. Sometimes I swear most of her arguments were with herself anyway, as much as she loves the attention it gave her.
Gern Blanston Says:
May 2, 2009 at 11:44 am

*golf claps*

I think PD has some serious emotional issues. I think that whatever she gained from the forums (the attention, the drama, the purchases) all get dumped the big lonely hole she has inside her. I feel sorry for her more than anything.

I am sure she’ll find another forum home if she hasn’t already.
margaret Says:
May 3, 2009 at 4:56 pm

it was a long time coming, but the forums will be a bit less dramafilled now, and that’s a good thing.
wut Says:
May 3, 2009 at 7:26 pm

I never realized she was batshit insane obsessed until I saw her blog. It’s like watching a furry flip out over Encyclopedia Dramatica.
oh joy! Says:
May 6, 2009 at 3:52 am

this is really really good news. it may be safe to come back to the forums again.
Betsy Etc Says:
August 27, 2009 at 7:35 am

The forums sucked before Pussdaddy and they’ll suck after Pussdaddy. The problem is much more global than one member.

Her banning won’t stop the “Oh boohoo, I don’t have any sales! Buy from me or I’ll close my shop” threads or the worthless waste of time known as the promo forum or the bullies there who get their rocks off by slamming newbies who are just trying to find their way around.

It won’t stop the sweatshops, the big sellers with lots of negative feedbacks who just keep on selling, the favoritism, the push to conform, the cultivation of desperation, or the cultlike environment.

It won’t stop Rob White from being a micro-phallused, censoring control freak or the Etsy admins from being inept, pedantic, cliquish dingdongs or Rob Kalin from being a totalitarian tin god.

So enjoy your sense of relief while it lasts, but banning Pussdaddy won’t change a thing. Ban one person you think is annoying and tomorrow there will be ten others to take her place.
Europa Says:
September 4, 2009 at 9:43 pm

Thank God for small favors. The woman is insane. She had to discuss leaving a chat board with her husband? Shows me she can’t make any decisions on her own.

I noticed she hasn’t blogged since December 08 either. Maybe we’re blessed and she broke her computer. I have to agree with Betsy ETC though. There are plenty more there who need to go.
Jilly Says:
October 17, 2009 at 12:05 pm

Yeah hoo-ray!

But there will be a dozen more self appointed “pusses” that will take her place.

Embittered, no talent, trouble makers who apparantly think the world revolves around or values their unwanted advice

Now these people aren't the etsy sellers who don't sell shit. They aren't the rejects who follow this meth head around, these are people who hate her. Who think she's a vile asshole who only puts down people with talent. These aren't made up Jean personalities in her head, they are real people. I don't see one person who said, oh it would be great to have you around. Know why? Nobody wants this bitch around, nobody. If I ever did one great thing it will be to force you to make that blog private. Now to follow your stupid shit, they have to be exposed for who they are and one of them, is me. Good luck with that.

If you aren't real

THIS is what using meth does to your teeth. THIS is why she goes on and on about people around her using drugs all the time with that big toothless grin. This is why right here. To your little made up Jean personality, I am going to let those comments slide mostly because they are funny as hell. However in the future in order to post any comment here you will need to link us to your etsy store or to your personal blog. No more pammy personalities. I know she has about 50 of them so she can leave comments on her own blog and then respond to them. She did this on the etsy forums as well, 30 different names with no purchases so she could say horrible things about paintedbull and other sellers and get away with it without any ownership of what she does. Well children, this won't be happening here. For the last time I am not poetsummer, I am not some wire your world, I am not Cwebster, in fact I am someone who has posted comments on PussDaddy's blogs until someone set me emails a few emails where she was putting me down and then smiling with that toothless grin all up in my email box. I just had enough. I use the SAME language she does just turned on her and I don't have to "acquire" someone's identity and do anything illegal to do it. I didn't post ONE racist thing here. If you are ashamed of your husband big pammy, then by all means leave him. We all believe he's already left you and you live alone with your disability check and no toothpaste. And let your alter personality know that you not only posted soap deli's husband's photos you made fun of him endlessly on your blog, remember? You made fun of anderson soaps, you've made fun of Karma and more than a few others. You have no idea who finally just got sick of your shit. If you make that vile blog public again I will post it every day in artfire and in etsy forums and what will you do about it? Oh nothing.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh Damn She's Fighting Mad Now

Hey big Pam? I'm not entertaining your comments. Go write them on your piece of shit blog that never has anything interesting to say other than who you put down. Don't like the game? You created the game. You deal with it. Do you have any idea how many people really hate you? When I send them google images of the hovel without air conditioning people just laugh. Who would have thought you would resort to stealing identities off the net to play your little insane game? Is it true you sent emails to wire my world and other sellers trying to find out if I am them? Who are you? Mike Tyson? Ha. I don't care what Poetsummer is. Do I think she has shitty feedback? Sure. Do I care? No. You already admitted the jewelry you purchased from her was fine, you left her great feedback. I have nothing to do with her or it and I don't want to quite frankly. I did give her some information from others though that truly hate you. I wonder if your pal there painted bull knows that you used to make sock accounts on etsy to put down her business as "stupid pet collars?" This is all about what you say about people that isn't even remotely true. It has caught up with you big time now and I hope you like wearing jumpsuits. I hope they have an orange one in your size. Making your retarded blog private won't mean that others have copies of all the things you've said. I hope you can prove the are true because the list of people who are tired of your shit is getting bigger every day. Does Lucinda know what you've said about her? How about Miz? That you say in emails that retarded homeless people wouldn't wear her ugly hats? Does everyone know what you say about them? Well they will now. Now the run REALLY begins. By the way, genius, Adidasforyou was kicked off etsy for stealing identities of others. Just a heads up.

Pammy, do us all a favor and put your hand over your mouth when you take a photo those teeth are a nightmare. Don't you have a dentist near your house? And is it true what that idiot poetsummer put on her blog that you are barren? That God didn't want any of your offspring crawling out of your gaping hole? Ouch. You look like one of those women that couldn't be a mother, a little manish in appearance, perhaps it's a hormonal issue. There are people out there blowing up that photo just to count the hairs on your chinny chin chin. Are you sure you aren't a tucker? That you dont have some man equipment up there?

Ha. Now, go rant and sweat.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Presenting Mr. Puss Daddy

Just when you think it's about as good as it gets, that this white trash life of hers can't get any better a photo of her husband appears. Oh he's a looker alright and if you haven't had enough of her true nature. Check this out before she deletes it in a hurry, when she reads this again and realizes what a total asshole she really is.

These are her own posts of July 11

Hey, Stupid Bitch CatsAreHuman
I didn't talk about my friend. I talked about her Mom. Her Mom isn't my fucking friend, and you evidently missed the part about where she talks behind my back all the time. Not to mention both she and her husband are healthy and don't work because they are on drugs. You feed her fucking lazy, two-faced, thieving ass if you want to. I bought her some fucking peanuts which is more than I should have done and I didn't have to do that. I supposed I should have bought her the over-priced water bottle too and served her chilled fucking martinis in it? She once stole my medication I got for having a car wreck when she came to visit me. I know it was her because it was there when she got here and gone when she left. How fucking sorry did she feel for me when I was in pain? Her own daughter (the one who had surgery)tells me herself not to let my purse sit when her Mom is around because she will get in it and steal. She and her husband are as old as I am and they can feed their fucking selves if they get jobs but all they want to do is sit around and do drugs. So this woman is not my fucking friend, OK? She is my friend's mother with whom I have put up with for 15 years because she is fucking there, OK? I didn't say much about my friend except that her surgery went well and she is doing fine.

So kiss my ass and call it a love story. I really bother some of you people don't I? Good, because you deserve to be bothered IMHO. You don't bother me but I sure as shit bother you. I'm laughing my ass off at you. Take some fucking Xanax and calm the hell down and come back and make stupid threads in your real Etsy name like you usually do. There's nothing worse than a hysterically desperate sock puppet who can't fucking comprehend what they read well enough to fucking figure out that it was not my friend being discussed, but her Mother with whom there is no love lost between us. You are a good, brave *snicker* sock puppet to post your shit anonymously as if anyone fucking cares in the first damn place.

Before I left their house I left my friend, the person who actually had surgery and who IS actually my fucking friend, the sum total of $11, because SHE is my fucking friend and her fucking Mother isn't. And I gave my friend $10 the last time I saw her as well along with a roll of toilet paper to take home because they were out. Three fucking adults in a house ought to be able to figure out how to wipe their own asses, ya think? And in March or April I bought her and her boyfriend their wedding rings as my wedding present to them. And I just lent my other friend who is being treated with radiation and chemo for lung cancer $1,000.00 to get a car or get her car fixed so she can make it to treatment because her car broke. I suppose if I did mention stuff that I do for people or animals and the homeless and things I would then be an obnoxious braggart for doing that too? Because trust me I am 100% confident that I do more for all of these than you fucking do. I did in fact pay for an entire table at Christmas for the homeless to eat here
and my Paypal is full of payments I have made to one person or animal or another, besides which when I pay on eBay I often choose to donate to some organiziation for Mission Fish along with my payment. So don't fucking talk to me about what I should or should not be doing for people because you don't know me, ok psycho nutter? Because I do my fair share, but I choose who I do it for because it is my fucking money, get it?

And no I am not turning on comments on my blog just for you. You are just going to have to deal with the frustrated frenzy you have worked yourself up into and keep making sock puppet threads on Etsy-why would I want your bullshit here? When that isn't working for you anymore you can twiddle your fucking twat, if you know how, and if you don't know how make a fucking thread and ask for instructions.

And don't worry about when I sleep bitch-you're not sleeping with me. And if anyone were sleeping with your ass your problems would probably mostly be solved. Did I say I went to sleep at 4:30? No I said I got home at 4:30. And I ate. And I went to sleep. The fucking food didn't make itself you know-it took time to cook it. Then I took a shower and lay down on the couch and watched TV until I fell asleep, but I didn't know you were keeping track of my sleep schedule or I would have mentioned this other extraneous bullshit that I left out. So I doubt I could get home at 4:30, do all of this, and go to sleep at 4:30. Although I go to sleep any fucking time I damn well please and if it is 4:30 it is fucking 4:30.

Read what this idiot things of her friends

Dont ask again why this idiot wa banned from the forums


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Posted by PussDaddy at 12:58 PM
Labels: CatsAreHuman, hospital
So I Took My Friend To The Hospital
and stayed with her while she had her gall bladder removed. She seemed to have a pretty easy time of it, and is doing ok, as I have called to check up on her. She stays with her Mom and step-dad right now.

Anywho, her Mom was there with us too. Oddly both of us are named Pam. So my friend is in a room waking up from surgery and they are finally allowing her to get dressed when her Mom decides she wants to go outside and smoke a cigarette. So I go too so my friend can have some privacy. We are minutes away from getting in the car and driving home but do we do that? Hell no! Because her Mom trips on the sidewalk that is under construction back on her way into the hospital and busts her ass really hard, scraping herself all up and bruising her hip and shoulder really bad. So they take her into the emergency room and x-ray her, and treat her, and medicate her, and this takes more time. Oddly the hospital valets that were delivering cars at the front door saw this and laughed as did everyone else standing around while I helped her up. Basically I was at the hospital from 7:30 A.M. until about 3:30 P.M. for what should have only taken 3 or 4 hours tops.

But wait! It still isn't over yet. We go to a Walgreens drive-thru that is directly on the way home to fill both of their prescriptions and they said it will be a 20 minute wait. So we park in the shade for that amount of time then go back to the drive-thru only to be told that the doctor forgot to put the miligrams on my friend's prescription and they are calling to get it. So we wait some more. And we are hot, and both of the people in the car are in pain, and one looks like a heroin addict basically because she just woke up from surgery, so we are all sort of sitting there sweltering and complaining and stuff. And this girl pulls up to the other speaker and keeps shooting us dirty looks for some reason, so finally I get tired of it and say real loud "If that girl looks at me like that one more time I am going to get out of this car and rip her eyeballs out of her face and she will never roll her eyes at anyone else!" Which was pure bloviation and bluster on my part, but it made her stop staring at us, which was good because I wasn't in the mood for any more bullshit. Finally they come to the window and say they cannot locate the doctor and to leave the prescription and come back later. So we do that.

Also while in the hospital waiting for my friend to get out of surgery her Mom kept saying how hungry she was, she was faint from hunger, she was starving, blah blah blah. Basically hinting for me to buy her something to eat. I ignored her. She is my age and has a husband so one of them should be able to feed her. So we go into the hospital gift shop to waste time and she latches onto this silver and red bandana print water bottle and goes on and on about how much she loves it and wants it and how it is the perfect size and she would give anything to have it and blah blah blah and I just stand there looking at her. Then I go buy myself a necklace and earring set just so show her I could buy this stuff for her that she is whining about if I wanted to so evidently I don't want to. I also bought a bag of burnt peanuts and gave the starving waif a handfull. I mean she acted like she was some little kid and I was an adult who was going to buy her a pretty or a toy or something. I wasn't going to feed her broke, starving ass because I know for a fact she talks about me behind my back, so she can eat fucking burnt peanuts and drink from a water fountain and kiss my ass. If you want people to do nice stuff for you don't be so fucking two-faced.

End of story? Not quite. That would be too easy wouldn't it? So I get my friend and her Mom home and settled in, and I finally get home, and it is about 4:30 P.M. by now. I eat and thank God that it is all over and that I can eat something besides burnt peanuts now without having some starving loser eyeball my food and salivate and mentally masticate it for me and make me feel guilty because I can afford to eat, and I go to sleep only to have my friend wake me up because she was calling over and over to tell me she can't find her I.D., to please look in my car, which I do and I find it. I set it aside until she can come get it. So really this isn't over until she gets her I.D. back. I would take it to her but I do not know her part of town and had to have instructions on how to get home from there. So she is going to have to come after it when she feels better, although she seems to be doing just fine right now so that is a good thing.

Why does everything always have to be so fucking complicated?


This is by far the most telling image of who this person truly is. She has blogged about most of her friends having some sort of drug issue but this is very telling indeed. First of all if this friend of hers has a mother who is such an insane crackhead why even associate with her in the first place. And the mother is her age so how old is this daughter? Why would someone hang out with someone so much younger unless of course you are buying drugs from her and her nutty parents? I feel sorry for anyone associated with this dreg but imagine someone wants to help you by going to the hospital with you and then posting something so outlandish about your own parents? And wait, it gets better, she posts something else bragging about how she gave this person paper to clean their ass because these people are such losers they go to visit a friend only to get tissue to clean their bum? Terrific. You are indeed a class act, not just to hang out with it but then to write about it. After this woman has taken your "pain medication" and after her daughter herself has warned you she would steal from you, you spend the day flaunting your cash by buying stupid jewelry from a gift shop at a hospital while someone complains over and over again that she's hungry? Yes, you are indeed a charitable class act. In my years on the internet I have never read anything nearly this insane, disgusting and down right cruel and this is all about her FRIEND??? Where is this friend's husband? The one she had to buy the rings for? And is this the same friend she wrote a blog about visiting in some prison because she was selling drugs? Yeah, class act indeed. Her life is something out of a horrid crime novel and she's somehow the hero because she's the internet wonder. I have her address and I have run a google earth on her home. It's shocking, really where she lives, how she lives, all quite pathetic indeed. This bitch is so pathetic she emails people to comment on her blog entries. Do you think she emailed her "friend" to read how she's splayed her life all over the internet and painted her family as a bunch of dead beat drug addicts?